September 16, 2017
Our community brings you the best of everything that Hungary, Transylvania (Erdély), Southern Low Lands (Vajdaság) and Northern Upper Lands (Felvidék) have to offer:
Food ~ Dance ~ Music ~ Movies ~ History ~ Art

Péter Gerendás – He is a famous Hungarian guitarist, composer, lyricist. Born in 1956, founded his first group, Láma, in 1976. Since 1992 he issues solo releases.

Török Testvérek - The Török Siblings Tilla, Flóra, and Ádám have been involved in the preservation of Hungarian folk music their whole lives. The siblings, who currently reside in Budapest, stick very closely to their Hungarian roots, from the Délvidék region (present day Serbia), called Vajdaság. They consider it inherently important to learn, foster and continue growth in these traditions, as well as keeping it in as pure and natural a form as possible; while in the meantime adding their own twist and spice to the music. The goal of the Török siblings is to represent the music of writers and researchers Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók, from the soul source of folk music in the Carpathian Basin. They would like to preserve and continue with this treasure that they have had the privelege to hold in their hands. Their belief is, ”Everybody has the right to ancient traditions that are passed down, especially the recognition and understanding of folk music.”

Hangulat Duo - István Nagy - synthesizer and singer-, Károly Sorin Bilan Varga - saxophone and singer- are both from Transylvania. They have been playing various Hungarian and International party music for many decades as a band. They had many successful concerts in Canada and in other countries too.

Borozda Folk Dance Group is showcasing folk dances from diverse regions of Hungary and Transylvania. Their mission is to actively preserve Hungarian dance and traditions, and to share this rich folk culture with others. The dancers have performed at various Hungarian events in the Chicagoland area.

Festival Schedule

  • 12:00pm -- Greetings
  • 1:00pm -- Péter Gerendás
  • 2:00pm -- LIVE Cooking show
  • 3:00pm -- Török Testvérek
  • 4:00pm -- Péter Gerendás
  • 5:00pm -- Borozda Ensemble
  • 5:30pm -- Teaching traditional Hungarian folk dance
  • 6:00pm -- Török Testvérek
  • 7:00pm -- Raffle
  • 7:30pm -- Campfire - with Hangulat Duo
  • 10:00pm -- End of festival

Entrance fee:
~ $20 - adults (ticket includes 2 meal tickets)
~ $7 - each additional sampling
~ $5 - children under 12 (no meal ticket included)
~ free - children under 6 (no meal ticket included)